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Learn kiteboarding in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic (the second largest country in the caribbean) Cabarete has become a mecca for windsurfing and kiteboarding enthusiasts from around the world thanks to the Eastern Trade Winds and its turquoise ocean warm waters.

Cabarete bay is an extraordinary spot to practise and learn kitesurfing. This bay is really safe thanks to a side-on wind blowing East (from the right), always bringing students to the long sandy beach. Cabarete bay also offers a nice wide beach perfect to learn on land all the kitesurfing basics, allowing a good learning curve in the kite control which is the first step before going into the water. The student improves serenely and gains confidence at his own pace, becoming a confident learner in just a few days.

The challenge to learning kiteboarding is that it requires the overlap of important conditions such as appropriate weather, the right level of personalized instruction, a safe location and good kiteboarding equipment. We have put together our organization with these challenges in mind so that your experience will be as enjoyable as possible.

Kiteboarding School in Premier location

Progress Kitesurf is located in the best place on the beach just at the beginning of the kiteboarding teaching area and still in Cabarete Center. Kiteboarding School .

Become a Kiteboarding Instructor

Progress Kitesurf organizes training to become Kiteboarding Instructor becomeinstructor@progresskitesurf.com.

Kiteboarding lessons with radio helmets

Progress Kitesurf provides kiteboarding lessons ranging from absolute beginner with no previous experience to advanced level riders and expert.
kiteboarding Lessons and learning stages

Cabarete - Dominican Republic

Cabarete’s weather conditions are usually the most popular around the globe for kiteboarders...
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kiteboarding school cabarete

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